National Guard June 2017 : IFC

SEE + SENSE + STING COST-EFFECTIVE AIRPOWER IN ACTION Introducing a formidable new species in jet flight — the Scorpion™ aircraft. Advanced surveillance and strike capability set the Scorpion apart from the rest. With best-in-class acquisition and operating cost, its affordability is unmatched. The Scorpion boasts high dash speeds to get to an escalating situation quickly, yet it can maneuver at much lower speeds when the mission calls for it. Quickly reconfigurable, the interior payload bay is provisioned for sophisticated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems. Plus, the Scorpion is weapons-capable, using a variety of weapon sets that include precision-guided munitions (PGMs). The Scorpion can exploit perishable intelligence, strike fleeting targets and impose the tactical advantage in even the most demanding situations. SCORPIONJET.COM | U.S. +1.844.44.TXTAV | INTERNATIONAL +1.316.517.8270 ©2017 Textron Aviation Defense LLC. All rights reserved. Scorpion is a trademark or service mark of Textron Aviation Inc. or an affiliate and may be registered in the United States.

Textron AirLand–Scorpion

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