National Guard January 2014 : IFC

Protect Your Family Technicians Disability Income Insurance Plan National Guard Technicians You help protect your community and country. But, are you doing everything you can to safeguard your family? Group Disability Income Insurance through the National Guard Technicians Insurance Program protects your income if you can’t work. It helps you meet your financial obligations so you and your family can go on with life. The Plan s!FFORDABLEWITHSPECIALGROUPRATES s#ONVENIENTWITHPAYROLLDEDUCTION s%NDORSEDBY.'!53AND%!.'53 Your acceptance to the plan is guaranteed if you apply during your first 31 days of employment or if you apply during an official enrollment. &ORMOREINFORMATIONCALL&#0d;&#0d;.'!53)4ORVISITUSONLINEATWWW&#0e;NGAUS&#0e;ORG&#0f;.'!53)4 .ATIONAL'UARD4ECHNICIANS)NSURANCE0ROGRAMPRODUCTSAREUNDERWRITTENBY2ELIA3TAR ,IFE)NSURANCE#OMPANY&#0c;AMEMBEROFTHE).'FAMILYOFCOMPANIES&#0e;2ELIA3TARHASBEEN INSURING.ATIONAL'UARDSMENTHROUGHTHE.'!53)NSURANCE4RUSTSINCE&#0e;

NGAUS Insurance Trust

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