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NEWSBREAKS Z Caterpillar Inc., Peoria, Ill. Z Citi, New York, N.Y.; Z Crystal Springs United Methodist Church, Crystal Springs, Miss.; Z Delta Air Lines, Atlanta, Ga.; Z Gary Jet Center, Gary, Ind.; Z iostudio, Nashville, Tenn.; Z Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Z L-3 Communications, New York, N.Y.; Z Nyemaster Goode, Des Moines, Iowa; Z Port of Seattle, Seattle, Wash.; Z Siemens Corporation, Washington, D.C.; Z Tennessee Valley Authority, Knoxville, Tenn.; Z Uniform Color Company, Holland, Mich.; and Z Verizon Wireless, Basking Ridge, N.J. These honorees will be recognized at the 17th annual ceremony Sept. 20 in Wash-ington, D.C. Magazine Archives Below is an excerpt as it appeared in the March 1972 issue of N ATIONAL G UARDSMAN , as this magazine was known at the time. It’s part of a series of relevant articles from the publication’s more than 65 years of archives. The View from Capitol Hill An Air Force veteran of World War II, postwar “charter member” of the Arizona Air National Guard, now a retired Major General in the Air Force Reserve, Senator Barry Goldwater brings to service on the Senate Armed Services Committee the viewpoint of one “who has been there” with respect to National defense issues. Here he discusses them in his renowned forthright manner in an interview with COL James B. Deerin, Executive Vice-President, National Guard Association of the United States. … Q -As you so well know, Senator, defense planning for the post-Viet Nam period calls for greater reliance to be placed on the National Guard and other military Reserves. With many years of service in the Air National Guard and later in the Air Force Reserve, you probably have a better understanding of Reserve Forces than most other members of the Senate. What is your reaction to all this talk about greater reliance on the Civilian Compo-nents and “Total Force”? A -I am encouraged and impressed by the positions taken by President Nixon and Secretary [Melvin] Laird on the National Guard and other reserves. This is as it should be and is a reversal of a very disastrous policy decision made by former [Defense] secretary [Robert] McNamara and other high Government officials early in the Viet Nam fracas. Frankly, in Korea and in the conflict in Southeast Asia, by failing to call up the Reserve Forces early in the war, we wasted some of our best defense assets. Whether or not the Air Force likes it, probably the best fighter outfits are in the Air National Guard. They have experience. You go to the Air National Guard Base in Tucson and examine the flight records and I expect you will find that the average pilot has over 2,000 hours of jet fighter time, with a few of them going up to 5,000. You won’t find as high a percentage in the Regular Air Force. I believe that in terms of combat-readiness, some of the Air Guard outfits are not only equal to, but ahead of the Regular outfits. … To neglect the Guard and Reserve units is ridiculous from a point of cost-effectiveness, for the simple reason that you are spending money to keep alive a Reserve Force combat unit that because of neglect is not at a proper level of mobilization-readiness when called. New Website Should Help Deter Those Who Falsely Claim Valor The Defense Department has launched a new website that honors service members’ highest acts of valor. The site—at—is designed to raise awareness of service mem-bers’ heroism and to help deter those who falsely claim military honors, officials said. It was unveiled less than a month after the Supreme Court on June 28 struck down the Stolen Valor Act, which made it illegal to lie about receiving military awards. The nation’s highest court said the law violated freedom of speech. But officials said the site’s primary pur-pose is to honor those who received the nation’s highest awards for valor since the Sept. 11 terror-ist attacks. These Get more National are the Medal of Guard news Honor, service by signing up for crosses and the Washington Report , Silver Star. a weekly e-newsletter, The list-at ing covers only awards since Sept. 11, 2001. The site currently lists only those awarded the Medal of Honor, and will ex-pand to include the other awards and con-flicts, officials said. —Compiled from staff and Pentagon reports Did You Know? The current drill pay system originated in 1916 when National Guardsmen drilled one evening a week for as little as two hours. A ugust 2012 | 19

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